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SG141 1876 2½d. Rosy Mauve Pl.4 (HG). Wmk. Orb. SMYRNA (Asia Minor – now Turkey) Handstamp.
The “F87” numeral tying the stamp to small piece.  ..
SG Number: SG141
SG414 1921 2/6d. Chocolate-brown BW, on ribbed paper, showing minor re-entry (pl.2/4 left).
Cardiff registered oval for August 1921. Spec N65(3)V. Ex Kearsley.  ..
SG Number: SG414
SG414/ 415a 1919 2/6d. BW, small study of series I with three shades, two minor re-entries. Fine used.
Ex Kearsley. ..
SG Number: SG414
SG415 1919 2/6d. BW reddish brown ribbed paper and minor re-entry. Fine used, Malton, Yorks., for 10.Dec.21.
Ex Kearsley. Spec N65(4)v. ..
SG Number: SG415
SG415 1919 2/6d. BW reddish brown RS/S minor re-entry. Fine used.
Ex Kearsley. ..
SG Number: SG415
SG415 1921 2/6d. BW reddish-brown, fine used strip of 3. Plate 2/4 right, R6/1 - R6/3, two stamps showing minor re-entries.
Dated ovals for 6th October 1921. Rich colour. Spec. N65(4). Ex Kearsley.  ..
SG Number: SG415
SG415 1922 2/6d. BW reddish-brown, fine used pair from right sheet, R5/1 + R5/2, both showing minor re-entries.
Cardiff registered ovals dated 22.JU.22. Spec N65(4). Ex Kearsley. ..
SG Number: SG415
SG417 1919 10s. Dull Grey-blue. Bradbury "Sea Horse". Minor RE-ENTRIES (Pl.1/3L, R. 1/1 & 2/1).
Very fine used vertical pair both with re-entries… neat c.d.s. cancellations. Spec. N71(2)a &..
SG Number: SG417
SG435var 1929 PUC 1d. Scarlet, ex coil showing three minor, but consistent, varieties discovered decades ago by Dr. Jean Alexander in a complete roll.
Broken value circle, spur to N in CONGRESS, spur to I in UNION. Unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG435var