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SG29 1856 1d. Red-brown LC14 Die II Alph III pl. 30 (GJ), on envelope to London, cancelled with the BROWN "724" numeral of South Molton.
Cds on reverse in the same Brown colour, dated JY.7.1856. Rare Brown numeral! Cat. £7500.  ..
SG Number: SG29
SG29/ 33 1857 1d. Red-brown Die II, alph III LC14/ blued. pl. 37, LD.
On neat envelope to Paisley, beautifully cancelled with the boxed KILWINNING Scots local cancel, ..
SG Number: SG29
Plate No.: 37
SG29/ SG33. 1856 1d. Red-brown. Die II, alph III LC pl. 24 p.14, JG on cover from Abbeyleix (Queens) to Shangana Castle, Bray.
Cancelled with a greenish blue cds for Oct.3.1856. Cat £1,100+. Spec C8(1). RPS Cert.  ..
SG Number: SG29
Plate No.: 24
SG36a 1858 2d. Blue plate 6, LC16, alph. III (RK-RL), a rare pair of this very difficult stamp.
Single "523" numeral of Merthyr Tydfil; excellent colour. Rare. (EVE). ..
SG Number: SG36
Plate No.: 6
SG38/ 41 1857/ 63 1d. Rose-red Die II, Alph III, white paper LC14 pl. 52 DA - DF.
Fine used strip of 6, dated SP.28.1860, Stoke-on-Trent cds's. An attractive multiple. Spec C10.&n..
SG Number: SG38
SG38/ 41 1863 1d. Pale red, LC14. Die II, Alph III white paper, pl. 43. Strip of 4, GH - GK paying 4d. rate to Lyon.
Sent from York with three different credit/ tax marks tying the strip. Dated AU.29.1863. Unusual ..
SG Number: SG41
Plate No.: 43
SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red LC14 Alph III on white, plate 52, BA, very late use of a maltese cross, large part mc.
Spec C10(5)ta. Rare, cat. £800.  ..
SG Number: SG40
Plate No.: 52
SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red. Die II, LC14, Alph III, pl. 27. U/m example, CI.
Spec C10.  ..
SG Number: SG40
SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red. LC14 Die II, Alph III, plate 42, SC-TD. Very fine used.
Very fine neat London double numeral cancel - 47. TC and TD are state II. Attractive, Spec C10. ..
SG Number: SG40
Plate No.: 42
SG40 1860 1d. Pale red, Die II, Alph. III LC14/ White pl. 48. A very fine used block of four.
London duplex cancels for NO.30.1860. Attractive. Spec. C10.  ..
SG Number: SG40
Plate No.: 48
SG40 1864 1d. Rose-red Die II, Alph III LC14/ white, pl. 49.
Superb used Exeter duplex dated JY.23.64 on fine re-directed Advertising envelope regarding the 1..
SG Number: SG40
Plate No.: 49
SG40a 1856/ 58 1d. Rose-red Die II Alph III White paper, LC"14" pl. 46 IMPERFORATE, KL.
Superb used on small piece, excellent margins and neat part London duplex. Fantastic quality. Spe..
SG Number: SG40a
Plate No.: 46
SG416 1918/ 1919 5/- BW, rose-red and rose carmine, fine dated examples. Two from series I and two from series III, showing complete visor and broken visor.
Attractive. Ex Kearsley.  ..
SG Number: SG416