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SG59 & SG62 1855 Registered envelope with 4d. (small garter) and 6d. Embossed, cancelled with the very rare Liverpool Registered Spoon.
Dated NO.30.55. 6d. Registration, 4d. paying 2oz rate, Macclesfield receiver for the following da..
SG Number: SG59
SG62 1855 4d. Carmine (small garter) strip of 3, paying the letter rate of 1/- per half ounce. Paisley to York, Penn.
Dated 3.OCT.1855. Carried on Collins Line steamship "Atlantic", arriving in New York on Oct.18th...
SG Number: SG62
SG62 1855 4d. Carmine (small garter) very fine used, green Irish numeral cancel.
Rich colour.  ..
SG Number: SG62
SG62a 1855 4d. Carmine (small garter), paper slightly blued. Very fine used. 029 numeral of West Hartlepool.
Nice colour. A rare stamp. RPS Cert.  ..
SG Number: SG62a
SG62s 1855 4d. Carmine (small garter) SPECIMEN type 3. Superb full, original gum example.
Fresh colour, scarce. Cat. £1,200.  ..
SG Number: SG62
SG66 1857 4d. Rose-carmine (large garter), fine used strip of 5. London cds's and numeral cancels.
Cat. £750. ..
SG Number: SG66
SG66 1857 4d. Rose-carmine (large garter), very fine used pair. Neat single 434 numeral of Lampeter.
Very fresh, deep shade on almost a glazed paper. Attractive. RPS Cert.  ..
SG Number: SG66
SG66b 1857 4d. (large garter) on thick glazed paper in pale rose-carmine.
Pair neatly cancelled by the Sunderland sideways duplex for AP.18.1861, to Bordeaux. Attactive. S..
SG Number: SG66b