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SG141 1878 2½d. Rosy mauve, plate 9, NI, on neat cover to France with 1d. rose-red plate 171, paying Late Fee.
Neat L1 duplex, dated 21.Feb.78. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG141
Plate No.: 9
SG143 1875 Registered cover to Paris, France sent from East Strand, London.
3d. postage + 3d. registration paid by two 3d. Rose plate16's, cancelled with barred obliterators..
SG Number: SG143
SG231 2 1/2d 1911 Folkstone - book of seaside pictures, sent to Nice, France, dated 5.7.11. Colourful and attractive.
SG Number: SG231
SG35 1858 2d. Blue, strip of 4, SD-SG. SE re-entry, paying double rate to France, with additional 1d. paying the legal fee.
Dated JY.3.58. Attractive. Spec F7d. ..
SG Number: SG35
SG45 1864 2d. Blue pl.9. Two examples making the 4d. rate to France on a very ornate Manchester cover.
Dated AP.3.1864, travelled via London. Very attractive and scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG45
Plate No.: 9
SG62 1856 Entire from Tourcoing, France with imperf. 40c. Naploean sent to Wellington, Somerset, but first being missent to Taunton.
Very fine two line handstamp, dated 11.Oct.56 and arrival at Wellington on 13.Oct.56. Attractive ..
SG Number: SG62
SG66 1858 4d. Rose-carmine on cover to France with exceptional colour and neatly tied by the Sunderland sideways duplex.
Dated May 8th 1858. Nice quality. Excellent frame break at bottom right! ..
SG Number: SG66
SG66 1861 Manchester to France with 4d. tied by the Manchester spoon cancel, dated 16.FE.61.
A neat, clean cover.  ..
SG Number: SG66
SG66a 1858 4d. Rose on entire to France, via Ostende, neatly cancelled by the Hull sideways duplex.
Dated MR.6.1858. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG66a
SG66a 1858 4d. Rose on neat cover to France, neatly cancelled with the Hull Spoon, dated MR.9.1858.
Nice red PD with Calais transit. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG66a
SG8 1843 1d.Red-brown (JI). LONDON Number “7” in Maltese Cross. “Lord Clifford” entire sent 20.  AU. 43. from FRANCE to LONDON...
 postage “10” paid in cash, on arrival re-directed to BRIDGWATER paid by the 1d. Red… neatly..
SG Number: SG8
SG90 1863 Liverpool to Shanghai, 1/4d. for 1/2oz, via France to Marseilles then by British Packet (P+O) to Hong Kong and finally Shanghai on Oct.26.63.
Red accountancy 1d. to Hong Kong. Superb and rare.  ..
SG Number: SG90
SG94 1868 4d. Vermilion Pl.10 (LE). Wmk. Large Garter. Underpaid entire sent from LONDON to FRANCE cancelled by the “105” duplex for FE. 4. 69. and also tied by red “PD” in oval…
 subsequently handstamped “INSUFFICIENTLY STAMPED” and the “PD” overstamped by a zig-zag era..
Plate No.: 10
SG94 1869 4d. Vermilion Pl.11 (FC). Wmk. Large Garter. Underpaid entire sent from LONDON to FRANCE cancelled by the “77” duplex for MY. 24. 70. with a red “PD” in oval alongside…
subsequently handstamped “INSUFFICIENTLY STAMPED” and the “PD” overstamped by a zig-zag erasure m..
SG Number: SG94
Plate No.: 11