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1867 Postal Fiscal 1d. Plate 5 Imprimatur.
A fresh, lightly hinged example from the corner sheet. ..
1881 Pink Advertising envelope. "The Mortimer Combination Co." Franked with 1d. Fiscal - watermark Small Anchor.
Addressed to Southampton and cancelled by London duplex for OC.21.81.  Francis Mortimer,..
1888 1d. Reddish-lilac Fiscal, on cover to Ipswich. Addressed to Whitfield King + Co. (forerunner of Stanley Gibbons).
Neat Derby duplex, dated JY.26.88. Attractive.  ..
1893 1d. Fiscal on blued paper, London to Ipswich, WC/4 duplex dated JA.24.93. Scarce.
1907 1d. Fiscal on cover from Angmering to Worthing, not allowed for postage and charged 2d. on arrival.
A fine Postage Due cover.  ..
SG172 1891 1d. Fiscal plus 2x 1d. lilacs on registered cover London to Whitfield King (SG forerunner) in Ipswich.
Dated AP.13.91. Fiscal allowed on mail paying postage as long as there was no inscription to a pa..
SG Number: SG172
SG260 Edward VII 2/6d. A fine selection of used, perfin, fiscal, parcel, mainly DLR printing.
Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG260
SGF1 1885 1d. Light blue Fiscal on cover, Wellington to Newport, cancelled by the 859 duplex.
Dated AP.27.85. Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGF1
SGF11 1860 6d. Reddish lilac FISCAL, used in SMYRNA, dated JY.11.98. Very unusual and rare.
SG Number: SGF11
SGF11 1860 Fiscal 6D. Lilac. Watermark cabled anchor. Perf. 15 1/2x15. A fresh mint original gum example.
Cat. £220. Spec L111.  ..
SG Number: SGF11
SGF12 1856 Postal Fiscal 1d. Pl.38.Imprimatur.
Very fine, square margined example. ..
SGF14 1864 Fiscal 6d. Lilac, watermark Anchor 16mm. Perf 15 1/2x15. Fresh original gum.
Typical centring but nice colour. Spec L114. Cat. £240.  ..
SG Number: SGF14
SGF14 1864 Fiscal 6d. Reddish lilac, watermark Anchor 16mm. Perf 15 1/2x15.
Fresh original gum with nice colour. Spec L114. Cat. £240.  ..
SG Number: SGF14
SGF2 1853 Fiscal 1d. Ochre DRAFT STAMP. Superbly cancelled with a RED Glasgow Registered oval.
Dated 21.Dec.86. Attractive and scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGF2
SGF2 1883 1d. Ochre Fiscal on cover, used locally in Clifton, Bristol.
Dated JY.10.83. Scarce. ..
SG Number: SGF2
SGF5 1887 1d. Fiscal on cover, Chipping Sodbury to Bridgewater. Dated AP. 27.87.
Attractive and scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGF5