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1867 Postal Fiscal 1d. Plate 5 Imprimatur.
A fresh, lightly hinged example from the corner sheet. ..
1881 Pink Advertising envelope. "The Mortimer Combination Co." Franked with 1d. Fiscal - watermark Small Anchor.
Addressed to Southampton and cancelled by London duplex for OC.21.81.  Francis Mortimer,..
1893 1d. Fiscal on blued paper, London to Ipswich, WC/4 duplex dated JA.24.93. Scarce.
1907 1d. Fiscal on cover from Angmering to Worthing, not allowed for postage and charged 2d. on arrival.
A fine Postage Due cover.  ..
SG260 Edward VII 2/6d. A fine selection of used, perfin, fiscal, parcel, mainly DLR printing.
Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG260
SGF1 1885 1d. Light blue Fiscal on cover, Wellington to Newport, cancelled by the 859 duplex.
Dated AP.27.85. Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGF1
SGF11 1860 6d. Reddish lilac FISCAL, used in SMYRNA, dated JY.11.98. Very unusual and rare.
SG Number: SGF11
SGF11 1860 Fiscal 6D. Lilac. Watermark cabled anchor. Perf. 15 1/2x15. A fresh mint original gum example.
Cat. £220. Spec L111.  ..
SG Number: SGF11
SGF12 1856 Postal Fiscal 1d. Pl.38.Imprimatur.
Very fine, square margined example. ..
SGF14 1864 Fiscal 6d. Lilac, watermark Anchor 16mm. Perf 15 1/2x15. Fresh original gum.
Typical centring but nice colour. Spec L114. Cat. £240.  ..
SG Number: SGF14
SGF14 1864 Fiscal 6d. Reddish lilac, watermark Anchor 16mm. Perf 15 1/2x15.
Fresh original gum with nice colour. Spec L114. Cat. £240.  ..
SG Number: SGF14
SGF2 1853 Fiscal 1d. Ochre DRAFT STAMP. Superbly cancelled with a RED Glasgow Registered oval.
Dated 21.Dec.86. Attractive and scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGF2
SGF2 1883 1d. Ochre Fiscal on cover, used locally in Clifton, Bristol.
Dated JY.10.83. Scarce. ..
SG Number: SGF2
SGF2 1891 1d. Ochre Postal Fiscal on cover to Bradford.
Neatly cancelled by a London Hoster machine cancel. Dated 16.FE.91. Very unusual and rare on cove..
SG Number: SGF2
SGF22 1876 1d. Fiscal in dull purple, from Die 4. A marginal block of 9.
Showing part dividing ornament in margin. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SGF22
SGF5 1887 1d. Fiscal on cover, Chipping Sodbury to Bridgewater. Dated AP. 27.87.
Attractive and scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGF5