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SG54 1847 1/- Green Embossed. A magnificent used example. Neat upright cds of Chatham, Kent.
Dated AP.28.1856. Rare so fine.  ..
SG Number: SG54
SG54 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed.
A superb used example, excellent margins and crisp London 39 in diamond- rarely seen this fine.&n..
SG Number: SG54
SG54 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed. An extremely rare cds used example with an excellent strike of the Dundee cds.
Dated JN.17.1856 (just touched on one side). A very fine gem and a great looker!  ..
SG Number: SG54
SG54 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed. Superb used, crisp Liverpool spoon cancel.
Dated 6.FE.1855. ..
SG Number: SG54
SG54var 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed. A magnificent corner example with exceptional margins and showing just the one thread.
214 numeral of the Cullompron spoon cancel. Spec H1Ca, unpriced SG.  ..
SG Number: SG54var
SG55 1855 1/- Green Embossed. Fine four margin example (sadly written on when cover was received).
From Crosse + Blackwell, London to Bombay, India travelled "Overland via Southampton", dated SP.3..
SG Number: SG55
SG55 1856 Letter rate of 1/- per half oz plus 1/- late fe, paid by 2x 1/- Embossed. From LIVERPOOL to MAINE, USA
Both Embossed have four margins, cancelled by “466” numerals and additionally tied by a black Bos..
SG Number: SG55
SG57 1848 10d. Brown (deep shade) Embossed. Very fine pair, with neat Clifton sideways duplex
Dated JY.27.55.Exceptionally fresh colour. A nice multiple.  ..
SG Number: SG57
SG57 1848 10d. Brown Embossed. A very fine, four margin example with a cds cancel.
Rare with a circular date stamp. ..
SG Number: SG57
SG58 1856 Bromley to Sevilla, Spain, with 4d. small garter and 6d. embossed.
Dated JA.3.1856 - nice blue BROMLEY straight line on reverse. Despite some faults its an attracti..
SG Number: SG58
SG59 1854 6d. Dull lilac Embossed. A brilliant marginal example, huge margins and crisp 620 numeral of Plymouth.
A superb stamp!  ..
SG Number: SG59
SG59 1854 6d. Lilac Embossed. Super clear cds of Stamford.
Dated AP.23.1857. Rare to find with cds! ..
SG Number: SG59
SG59var 1854 6d. Reddish lilac Embossed. Nice Scots local, type XX of Rutherglen.
Scarce and attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG59var
SG60 1847 6d. Purple Embossed. A brilliant used example, beautifully cancelled by a crisp Caterham double arc cds.
Cancel leaving a clear profile. Very attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG60
SG60 1855 Registered Brocklehurst 1d. Pink, Chester via Crewe Station, uprated with 6d. embossed.
Both neatly cancelled with 180 numeral. Boxed Registered letter hand stamp alongside. Macclesfiel..
SG Number: SG60
SG60Wj 1854 6d. Purple Embossed. Superb used, crisp Lancaster cds, dated AU.8.1855.
Excellent rich colour and rare to find with a cds. Watermark reversed.  ..
SG Number: SG60Wj