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 SG113 1867 10d. Pale Red-brown Pl.1 (SB). Wmk. Spray. BLUE Foreign Transit Handstamp.
Crisp part strike of the blue c.d.s. Most unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG113
Plate No.: 1
 SG21 1855 1d. Yellow-brown Pl.2 (BI). Die II. SC. P.16. Major Re-entry. Large spot above “B” and vertical line in N/E square.
Fine used cancelled by a neat “047” numeral of CREW STATION. Scarce. Listed and illustrated under..
SG Number: SG21
Plate No.: 2
"POST CARD" Die Proof.
Head Die I - Second Plate. Striking Book piece from DLR archives annotated "Oct 4th. - 400 Le..
-1848 1d. Pink Envelope. BLUE Handstamp-
Almost pristine envelope sent from CONWAY to BANGOR cancelled by a cracking “218” numeral in blue..
1840 1d. Mulready envelope (A177) sent from GUERNSEY to CORNWALL with a perfect, bright red maltese cross.
Neat Guernsey despatch cds for JY.13.40. Few Mulreadies known from Guernsey. A very choice item (..
SG Number: SGME2
1840 1d. Mulready envelope A 150 First Day of Use. Birmingham to Kent via London, with both dispatch and transit cds's dated MY.6.1840- unusual to find a cds on the front.
Orange red maltese cross. Rare. RPS Cert, ex John Bohn. Cat. £18,000.  ..
SG Number: SGME2
1840 1d. Mulready letter sheet (A42 Advert MA17) used with a BROWN maltese cross within Lodon, dd. 28th Dec.1840.
Superb colour and very rare. SG cat £18,000 (MJackson cert). (AEING) ..
SG Number: SGME1
1840 1d. Mulready wrapper, Richmond to Ripon. Brilliant orange-red maltese cross.
Dated AU.3.1840, from one bank to another with correspondence written inside the Mulready, most u..
SG Number: SGME1
1840 Gold Printed "Ladies" Envelope. Wonderful "miniature" envelope sent from GREENWICH to LINCOLN'S INN...
cancelled by "PD JA 13 1840" lozenge in red ink also Greenwich Penny Post Paid handstamp. Fabulou..
1841 1d. House of Commons envelope, used on April 13th 1841 with nice H of C red wax seal on reverse.
Addressed to Liverpool (?). Fine condition. Cat. £6000. Private Treaty Sale. ..
1841 Mulready wrapper (A17) London to Wirksworth with a superb, crisp black maltese cross.
Dated 1.AP.41. Red receiver on the front. Attractive. Mulready (unusually, letter written inside)..
SG Number: SGME1
1841 Wrapper, Glasgow to Cockburnspath, sent unpaid with just a superb black maltese cross at top right.
Not charged postage due... dated OCT. 7th 1841. A super and very rare cover.  ..
1842 1d. Mulready envelope A151, neatly cancelled contrary to regulations by a nice, black maltese cross.
Sent from London to Broadway, Worchestershire. Attractive and uncreased. Dated 19.AP.42. ..
SG Number: SGME2
1842 1d. Pink envelope to Chipping Norton, crisply cancelled with the CLITHEROE maltese cross.
Cds alongside dated AU.5.1842; R+J only have seven recorded, between 1841 and 1844. A super cover..
1842 2d. Blue Envelope. Superb example sent locally in EXETER...
cancelled by a black MC with c.d.s. alongside for MR. 13. 1842. Very rare and seldom… an almost i..
1842 2d. Blue. Superb quality envelope sent from TIPERARY to LONDON cancelled by a cracking black MC.
Reverse with dispatch c.d.s. for JA. 21. 1842. and Waterford transit for the 22nd. red London arr..
1843 1d. Mulready A6, lettersheet ADVERT MA435b for Samuel Hanson.
Sent from London to Leith, but not cancelled! London despatch on reverse for 15.NO.43. Unusual an..
SG Number: SGME1
1843 1d. Mulready Advert Wrapper MA103h, London to Colchester.
Address re-written at the time, cancelled with a fine No. 8 in mc- rare. Cat £2750. ..
1843 1d. Pink Envelope.
NORWICH Maltese Cross. Sent locally with a good strike of the distinctive cancellation... rev..
1843 1d. Pink. DUBLIN Maltese Cross.
Superb strike  of the distinctive MC on cover addressed to DERNOCK with a Ballymoney transit..
1843 2d. Blue Envelope. LONDON Number “4” in Maltese Cross.
Addressed to a British Wine Merchant in WORCESTER cancelled by a super fine strike of the MC. Les..
1843 Entire from Baldock to Cambridge with superb strike of the VR "Baldock One 1d. Paid", UPP hand stamp in red.
Recorded period of use, 1843 - 1846. Dated MY.16.1843. Superb and rare.  ..
1844 1d. Pink Envelope (Huggins EP3b). Used from ROSS to CASTLECOMER and cancelled by the very rare and distinctive straight sided ROSS MALTESE CROSS in black.
Dated AP. 19. 1844. On reverse. The earliest of the two known examples on 1d. Pink envelopes. Few..
1845 1d. Pink envelope, 905 numeral of Wolverhampton to Cheltenham, with a superb strike of the rare "Missent To/ Railway Post Office" in black.
Dated 25.Nov.1845. Excellent quality. Rare Railway cover.  ..
1848 1d. Pink Wrapper. Sent to MANCHESTER uprated with imperf 1d. Red paying Late Fee.
 Placed contrary to regulations at lower left and cancelled by the LONDON Inland Office nume..
SG Number: SG8
1854 1d. Pink Envelope-wrapper. BLUE Handstamp.
Delightful example sent from BRIERLEY-HILL to LONDON cancelled by a superb light blue “995” numer..
1854 1d. Pink. Envelope sent from QUEENBOROUGH via SITTINGBOURNE to ROCHESTER cancelled by the red “633” numeral.
Dispatch, transit and arrival c.d.s’s on reverse for DE. 16/17. 1854. Rare coloured cancel on 1d...
1855 Monkton type xx Scots local.
Two partial strikes tying 1d and 2d to Balaklava, Crimea, 82nd Regiment dated OCT.1855, exactly a..
1857 1d. Pink, superbly cancelled with the largest spoon cancel of Wolverhampton.
Dated JA.12.1857. Super quality and very attractive.  ..
1857 Large Garter Watermark Paper. Right hand marginal piece with nine complete impressions and three partials…
marginal handstamp Crown “POSTAGE/4d” – first used on the 1857 4d. Rose issue (SG66). Delicate in..
1857 TORPHINS Scots Local in green; Banchory to Old Aberdeen.
Two strikes, one on reverse, the other in conjunction with '35' numeral. ..
SG Number: SG29
1858 1/- rate to India, Bombay sent from Whitestone, just outside of Exeter (udc on reverse).
Both 6d. stamps cancelled with the scarce Creswell Exeter duplex, dated JA.9.58. Attractive. Ex R..
SG Number: SG70
1859 1d. Pink Envelope. Uprated with 2d. Blue Pl.7 (SG45) and 4d. Carmine (SG66) and sent by Registered mail from LEICESTER to ASHBY DE LA ZOUCH.
Cancelled by the “449” sideways duplex for FE. 18. 59. Reverse with transits of Derby 18th, Burto..
SG Number: SG66
1861 De La Rue. “EXPERIMENTAL POSTAGE – THREE PENCE” Essay with the head of King Pedro V of Portugal defaced by a cross.
Block of four printed in purple. Rare. ..
1867 Postal Fiscal 1d. Plate 5 Imprimatur.
A fresh, lightly hinged example from the corner sheet. ..
1868 SG94 4d. Pl.9 and SG101 1/- pl. 4 (Emblems) on cover London to Shanghae, China.
Each cancelled by the LONDON WC duplex for FE.10.68 endorsed "via Marseilles". Shanghae received ..
SG Number: SG101
1870 1/2d. Stationary cut out used on OC.1.1870 - the first day! Unusual and attractive.
1870 ½d. Post Card. Sloper – Orb and Cross Machine Punched Cancellation.
Unique use on the large format Post Card-Sent locally in LONDON to Cheapside. Superb rarity. ..
1871 Experimental Machine cancel. Stationery.
AZEMAR "89" in oval - from the second trial on postcards only - in use 4th January to 4th Februar..
1875 Stationery Cut outs on mourning envelope. Contrary to regulations use.
Used in London, however, not accepted for payment and charged 2 (d) postage due. Fine boxed 'CONT..
1875 Telegraph Large size head die proof in black on white glazed card. Endorsed , "Before Hardening".
Dated AP.23.1875. This head was the same size as the then current postage stamps. Scarce.  ..
1875 Telegraph Stamps. Hand Painted Essays from the De La Rue Archives. The ½d (2), 1d, 3d, 4d (2), 6d (2), 1s, 5s (2) and 10s. each finely painted in black and Chinese white on thick card.
The 1d, 3d and 10s are similar to the issued design and the 1s is in the design of the issued 3s...
1875 Telegraph unadopted small head die proof, AP.29.1875. After Hardening written in black on glazed white card.
Manuscript "cancelled" in ink, pencil note alongside. Ex. De La Rue archives. Cat. £1800. ..
1876/ 1877 5/- rose place 1, 10/- grey green plate 1, BOTH IMPERFORATE, overprinted type 9 SPECIMEN, lettered HH.
Superb marginal, very lightly mounted. A wonderful pair. SGL231t and SGL235t.  ..
SG Number: SGL235t
Plate No.: 1
1878 British Levant 1 1/2d. Brown Foreign Post Card (CP5) Constantinople to London.
With superb strike of the "C" in barred oval, BPO cds in red alongside. London arrival, 6 Feb '78..
1878 SGF22 1d. Postal Fiscal. Imprimatur. Plate 139.
Watermark Anchor. Marginal example. ..
1878 ½d. Brown “POST CARD” solely struck by the rare red “PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE” cachet dated 2. JY. 90.
Minor crease to the card, nevertheless very neat and most collectable.  ..
1879 Tender Essay - Charles Skipper & East.
Printed on imperforate paper without watermark – A very fine right hand marginal block of four in..
1879 Tender Essay for the 1d. Value. Perkins Bacon Surface Printed Essays Engraved by W Ridgeway. ‘Grenada’ Large Head Plate Proof.
Imperforate horizontal pair printed in orange (KI - KJ) on ungummed white paper without watermark..
1879 Tender Essay for the 1d.Value. Perkins Bacon Surface Printed Essays Engraved by W Ridgeway. ‘Grenada’ Large Head Plate Proof.
Imperforate horizontal pair printed in blue (KG – KH) on ungummed white paper without watermark. ..
1879 Tender Essay – CHARLES SKIPPER & EAST. Surface printed Proof “SPECIMEN STAMP”
 In reddish purple with the head of Ceres (design B) instead of Queen Victoria and “C S &..
1879 TENDER ESSAY – for the 1d. Perkins Bacon Surface Printed Essays Engraved by W Ridgeway.
Imperforate se-tenant strip of four designs printed in Purple-brown on cream gummed paper without..
1879 Tender Essay. CHARLES SKIPPER & EAST. Line engraved “SPECIMEN STAMP” plate proof block of four.
Printed in blue with the head of Ceres (design B) instead of Queen Victoria and “C S & E” che..
1879 Tender Essay. Perkins Bacon 1/2d. Green.
The colour recommended by the International Bureau for Foreign Stamps, requiring 1/2d's to be pri..
1879 Tender Essay. Perkins Bacon 1/2d. Green.
The colour recommended by the International Bureau for Foreign Stamps requiring 1/2d's to be prin..
1879 Tender Essay. “Theed” Head Die Proof A.
Superb example printed in black on white glazed card. Ref. p228 Spec. Vol. I – Cat. from £2000.&n..
1879 Tender Essays for the 1d. Value. Perkins Bacon Submission. Single example taken from a horizontal strip of six from the sheetlet of 36…
with a most unusual crude perforation attempt. Printed in Rose-pink and engraved by William Ridge..
1879 Tender Essays – Perkins Bacon Submission for the 1d. Value.
Superb fresh block of four printed in Dull Mauve on ungummed, imperforate paper watermarked “SPEC..
1879 Tender Essays – Perkins Bacon Submission for the 1d. Value.
Superb fresh block of four printed in Dull Green on ungummed, imperforate paper watermarked “SPEC..
1879 Tender Essays. McCorquodale & Co. “POST CARD” Essay using the unadopted 1d. stamp design Type 1. Handstamped “SPECIMEN” in Red. Super item.
1880 Proposed Issue – LAND REGISTRY. Hand Painted Essays – £5 Value. Second Series.
Produced by De La Rue staff artists amended from the original Land Transfer essays. The original ..
1880 Proposed Issue – LAND REGISTRY. Hand Painted Essays – £5. Value.
The original proposal in 1874 for Land Transfer stamps did not materialise and in 1880 a new prop..
1880 TENDER ESSAY – for the ½d. 1d. 1½d. and 2d. Values. Perkins Bacon Surface Printed Essays Engraved by W Ridgeway.
Imperforate Plate 1a (Fisher) printed se-tenant in deep dull blue on cream gummed paper without w..
1880 Tender Essays. Perkins Bacon Surface Printed Essays Engraved by W Ridgeway.
Imperforate Sheetlet of 24 comprising ½d. x12, 1½d. x6 and 2d. x6 printed in a Venetian-red shade..
1880's. Unapproproiated Die Proof of Queen Victoria's head in sunken mount with diadem but no chignon ribbon. Fresh and fine.
1881 F23 1d Imprimatur. Plate 143.
Watermark Orb. Very fine marginal example. ..
SG Number: SGF23
1883 3d. / 3d. plus 6d. / 6d. surcharges used on small piece with 1/2d. green. All neatly cancelled Ipswich, JU.6.83.
A rarely seen combination. SG159, 162 and 164. Superb.  ..
SG Number: SG159
1883 De La Rue Schemes. The new Small Head Die Proof.
Printed in black on white glazed card dated 7 JAN 83 and inscribed “AFTER HARDENING” with initial..
1884 1/2d brown advertising wrapper of KIRBY BEARD + CO.
Cancelled with the rare NPB HOSTER machine cancel. Logo shows an elephant/crown. A rare cancel. ..
1884 1d. Pink Envelopes… two lovely neat covers sent to the same address locally in HUDDERSFIELD...
with wonderfully ornate hand drawn address panels. Both dated January 1884 and cancelled by super..
1884 3d. Die Proof. Printed in black on white glazed card lettered HB and inscribed “DE LA RUE LONDON”.
From a series of experimental trials. Very rare. ..
1884 De La Rue embossing trials for security printing - three superb die proofs.
Depicting A: an angel and a palm tree, B: Ceres offering wheat and C: Britannia engraved by F. Ha..
1884 National Telephone Co. 1/- bisect on piece, cancelled NTC Ltd in violet. Unusual.
Telegraph. ..
1884 National Telephone Co. Ltd. 1d. - 1/- plus 3 shades on 3d. and including the scarce 6d. A fine group of 7.
Attractive. Telegraphs. ..
1884 National Telephone Company Ltd 1d. Grey black sheetlet of 12, unmounted.
Attractive and unusual. Telegraph.  ..
1886 2½d Lake with blue advertising ring - Browne and Rosenheim, addressed to Montauban, France.
London hooded circle for 16.JU.1886, transit and arrival cds's on reverse. Rare. ..
1891 1d. Pink envelope with attractive candle holder plus snuffer, drawn in ink with a letter attached.
ELY to TAMWORTH dated NO.24.1891. Attractive and unusual.  ..
1891 De La Rue Dummy stamp head die proof, dated 13.Mar.91 and endorsed "Before Hardening".
Manuscript "die punch". Even shading to background of the head. This Britannia head was the most ..
1892 PARCEL POST. Label sent from LOWERSTOFT with 3d. Lilac FOREIGN BILL stamp.
Tied by a crisp AP. 13. 92. c.d.s. Most unusual. ..
1893 ½d. Brown Stationery Newspaper Wrapper. “CROSSE & BLACKWELL’S – MONTHLY PRICES CURRENT” advertising cover.
Addressed to HOLLAND cancelled by the “D/N.P.B.” News Paper Branch handstamp… reverse with Amster..
1895 Revenue. £1 violet and black CIVIL SERVICE overprint. Superb used on small part form
Cancelled "C.S.C" attractive.  ..
1895 £1 “CIVIL SERVICE”. Used handstamped “CANCELLED – C.S.C.” Very fine.
1896 Postcard rate, Liverpool to Hong Kong, via transatlantic, across country to Vancouver.
Arrived in HK on 21st April- returned the following day, 22nd, after addition of 10 cents postage..
1897 Machine Cancellations. Imperial Mail Marking Machine Co. carried out demonstration trials in London...
September/November depicting “VR” and Union flag to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee… applied to b..
1897 ROYAL DIAMOND JUBILEE invitation with H. M. OFFICE OF WORKS cachet in purple.
Dated June 22nd 1897 the invitation displays the Imperial Crown within the cachet. Admits the bea..
1901 1d. Pink envelope, sent Registered from Berlin to London and cancelled upon arrival, 28.JY.01.
A very unusual combination and rare. Cape Town wax seal on reverse? ..
1902 British Stamped wrapper used in Constantinople.
Dated 28.5.1904 CONSTANTINOPLE to WURZBURG 40 paras registration & 7d. postage. Superb! ..
SG Number: 298
1902/ 11 Edward VII. Six bicoloured proofs on gummed MCA paper, as colour trials by De La Rue.
Attractive and unusual Dummy stamps. ..
1904 Admiralty Official type II overprint (short M) on 1/2d. postcard, used from London E. C to Harrow.
Note on reverse to Gunnery course Whale Island on board "HMS Excellent", on April 6th. Rare - Wis..
1906 1d. Embossed Revenue used to supplement a 2 1/2d. Postal Stationery cut out. The correct rate was 3d.
The Revenue stamp was disallowed and a Portugese Postage Due applied on reverse. Dated No.12.06. ..
1908 Junior Philatelic Society Envelope. Proof printed in black on thin white glazed card.
Issued to commemorate the introduction of the 1d. postage rate to the USA 8th. October 1908. Supe..
1910 1s. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour. Second Proof.
"Ruby Black 160" on white wove paper without watermark and gum handstamped "SP/92". A very fine a..
1910 2d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour. Second Proof.
Magenta on white unwatermarked wove paper with gum inscribed "M.B./95" and "Magenta". Extremely a..
1910 3d. Black. Half Tone Essay. Large Format.
On white wove paper without watermark and gum - Produced using the "Printex" machine invented by ..
1910 3d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour.
Light Reddish Mauve on yellow wove paper with handstruck “W/93” in black and pencil note “Tyrian ..
1910 3d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour. Second Proof.
Light Red-brown on yellow tinted wove paper without watermark handstamped "W/19". A very fine and..
1911 1d. Unofficial "paste-up".
Envelope sent from CRYSTAL PALACE to LEWISHAM cancelled by the "IMPERIAL EXHIBITION" slogan for O..
1911 2/- Florin. An uncirculated examle showing the coinage head.
Excellent addition to a KGV collection. ..
1911 De La Rue 'Britannia' head. Interpaneau imperf pair.
Top stamp being KGV Downey Head, from the sheet of 48 where only twelve had the KGV head. Rare an..
1911 Hentschel Zinc Block Essay. 7d. “Grey” from ink “SP6”. Very fine – Cat. £900.