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1845 Wrapper from Huddersfield to Edinburgh, "1d. paid" by a 1d. Pink cut out but not allowed.
Pink cut out crossed through in red m/s with "Illegal" alongside; h/s "2" denoting 2d. Postage Du..
1874 Machine Cancellation. Sloper, Liverpool arrow type but indistinctly punctured.
Associated with the third machine used at Liverpool. On a stationery1/2d. postcard.  ..
1880's. Unapproproiated Die Proof of Queen Victoria's head in sunken mount with diadem but no chignon ribbon. Fresh and fine.
1897 Imperial Mail Marketing. Superbly struck example, dated July 2 1897, but Canadian!
GB version is VERY rare. A fine example of this Machine cancel.  ..
MANCHESTER Spoon Handstamp. Stampless entire ordering Champagne addressed to RHEIMS  paid “8d” in cash for the ¼oz. rate but no stamps were affixed…
cancelled by the Type D5a spoon for OC. 5. 57. in red ink – the only spoon in red ink. Paid doubl..
SG14 1841 2d. Blue plate 3, QC, state 2a. Corrosion remobved Q square but severe wear in the neck.
Fine used pair QC - QD, London numeral cancels. ..
SG Number: SG14
Plate No.: 3
SG17 1854 (Nov) 1d. Red-brown, SC16, but PERF 7 at left. Sound used example.
Clearly showing the variety. Spec C1m, plate R5. Scarce. Cat. £750.  ..
SG Number: SG17
Plate No.: R5
SG187 1884 1/2d. Slate blue, neat dumb cancel London, sent at printed paper rate but sealed and fined 1/2d. Postage Due.
Neat ColumbaSteamer transit cds, dated AU.14.84. ..
SG Number: SG187
SG187a 1883/ 84 1/2d. Slate blue IMPERFORATE, bottom marginal example, creases and tears but fine o.g example of this rarity.
THE stamp illustrated in Latto's "A second study of the Imperforate surface printed stamps of GB"..
SG Number: SG187a
SG221 1902 1½d. Dull Purple and Green. D.L.R. “SPECIMEN” Type 15. Unlisted but constant variety… Damaged top right corner of value tablet (Duty Pl.4, R.19/5).
Very fine o.g. example with superb Spec. M8(1)s.  ..
SG Number: SG221
SG23aWi 1855 2d. Blue pl. 5 RL. Watermark inverted. Fine used example with light but clear 131 numeral of Edinburgh.
A very elusive stamp. Spec F3c. ..
SG Number: SG23
Plate No.: 5
SG357 1912 1d. Bright Scarlet. P.P.C of The Seven Churches, Co. Wicklow, but posted in London to Paris.
The 1d. accompanied by a red "5th Dragoon Guards" stamp label and both tied by London double ring..
SG Number: SG357
SG39 1857 1d. Pale Rose (EJ). Die II. LC. P.14. Very neat uncreased mourning envelope sent from LEICESTER addressed to MANCHESTER but “MISSENT TO NORTHAMPTON”.
Cancelled by the “449” duplex for MR. 1. 67. with arrival on reverse. Pretty cover. ..
SG Number: SG39
Plate No.: 60
SG40 1857/ 63 1d. Rose-red, plate 37, GG. SE at right but cancelled in BLUE.
Cancelled with the two line town stamp KILSHEELAN, CLONMEL. Attractive. Spec C10xb. ..
SG Number: SG40
Plate No.: 37
SG415a var 1918/ 19 2/ 6d. BW pale-brown "Read" re-entry. R1/4, lightly mounted original gum, full corner example - a minor one but listed SG! Spec N65c.
SG Number: SG415a var
SG435 1929 PUC 1d. "Broken O in ONE" R16/1 pl?. A new variety, unlisted but constant in a corner block of 60.
U/m and rare.  ..
SG435var 1929 PUC 1d. Scarlet, ex coil showing three minor, but consistent, varieties discovered decades ago by Dr. Jean Alexander in a complete roll.
Broken value circle, spur to N in CONGRESS, spur to I in UNION. Unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG435var
SG436 1929 PUC 1 1/2d. on board S/S Arcadian, but posted on board R.M.S Paraguaya.
Posted 1 1/2d. Imperial and Foreign postcard rate. Dated 24.SEP.29. ..
SG440var 1934 1d. Intermediate format, V34 cyl. 24 no dot, "perf. 6", but is infact an encroachment perf. 2.
Mounted on two only. Unusual. Spec. N49. ..
SG Number: SG440var
SG470 1939 6d. Purple. Coil Join. Vertical pair… listed but unpriced by SG. Spec. Q22a.
SG Number: SG470
SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown Pl.12 (HE). Clear margins small part black MC leaving a cracking clear profile… a very attractive stamp.
SG Number: SG8
Plate No.: 12
SGF11 1860 6d. Reddish lilac FISCAL, used in SMYRNA, dated JY.11.98. Very unusual and rare.
SG Number: SGF11
SGL205 1875 3d. Telegraph cut down die proof from the Striking Book, plate 1 inserted in ink, but without letters.
Scarce and underpriced SG.  ..
SG Number: SGL205