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1924 Block Cypher Watermark Paper. Lovely fresh block.
c.1923 Harrison & Sons, London. Cut down page from a sample booklet for use by Harrison reps of a block of 10 in red brown with matching bromide block.
Printed from cylinders by the Dutch firm, Nederlandsche Rotogravure Maatschappij of Leiden, notes..
SG160 1880 4d. Grey - brown, plate 17, Spray, IC - JD. Good used block.
Manchester squared circles for DE.31.80, the first month of use. Cat. £500. Scarce. ..
SG Number: SG160
Plate No.: 17
SG285var 1911 Harrison p.15 x 14 3d. dull reddish purple on lemon. Very fine corner block.
Lightly mounted on one stamp only. Fresh colour. Spec M22(4). ..
SG Number: SG285var
SG285var 1911 Harrison p.15 x 14, 3d. Dull reddish purple on lemon. Very fine corner block. Great colour.
Lightly mounted on one. Spec M22(4). ..
SG Number: SG285var
SG356var 1912/ 22 1/2d. Cobalt green. Very fine T22 Control block. Mounted on one only.
Fine colour. Spec N14(17). ..
SG Number: SG356var
SG357var 1912 1d. Pink. Royal Cypher. Superb u/m o.g. block of four. Very rare multiple of this distinctive shade. Wonderful block. Spec. N16(10).
SG Number: SG357var
SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red. LC14 Die II, Alph III, plate 42, SC-TD. Very fine used.
Very fine neat London double numeral cancel - 47. TC and TD are state II. Attractive, Spec C10. ..
SG Number: SG40
Plate No.: 42
SG40 1860 1d. Rose-red, plate 63, NJ-OK. Very fine used block.
Neat Edinburgh duplex's, dated AU.6.60. Attractive. Spec C10.  ..
SG Number: SG40
Plate No.: 63
SG418var 1924 1/2d. Green, dramatic misperf block of 9, control A24perf and mounted on top strip only. A superb block.
(AVD) ..
SG Number: SG418
SG43 1864/ 79 1d. Rose-red plate 215, FK-GL. Very fine, original gum marginal block.
Fine fresh colour. Cat. £340 as singles.  ..
SG Number: SG43
Plate No.: 215
SG439 1935 1/2d. Green (small format) HORN variety, cyl 36, no dot. R1/12. Unmounted, original gum in corner block.
Top pair unmounted. A good variety. Spec N47d. Cat. £350 as mounted mint.  ..
SG Number: SG439
SG440var 1935 1d. Scarlet. “Photogravure” Large Format. FIRST DAY ISSUE.
Superb lower right corner block of four tied to piece by BOURNEMOUTH – POOLE c.d.s’s for 24. SP. ..
SG Number: SG440var
SG440Wi var 1935 1d. Scarlet (small format) Inverted Watermark, CANCELLED type 33. Very fine unmounted block.
With selvedge, excellent perfs. Cat. £800 as singles. Scarce. Spec N50au. ..
SG Number: SG440Wi var
SGD14b 1924 3d. Violet experimental paper. Fine used marginal block. Scarce.
Cat £380 as singles.  ..
SG Number: SGD14b
SGD26 1937 2/6d. Purple/ yellow "E8R" a superb unmounted marginal block. Plate marking above 2nd stamp. Rare.
SG Number: SGD26
SGD27 1940 1/2d. Emerald G40 control block of 6 - mounted on one only - a scarce block.
Cat £300+. ..
SG Number: SGD27
SGL212 1877 6d., Grey plate 1. Specimen type 9. A fresh mint, original gum block.
Cat. £260 as singles.  ..
SG Number: SGL212
SGO3s 1882 1d. Lilac IR Official, Specimen type 9. Fine, original gum block.
Cat. £720. Scarce multiple.  ..
SG Number: SGO3s