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1894 1s. Green and 4d. Vermilion embossed on Thornton Pickard Per Parcel Post label.
Uprated with SG198  1 1/2d. perfin and sent from Altrincham to Vienna. Extremely scarce.&nbs..
SG Number: SG198
SG159/ 162 1883 Forfar Parcel Label with 3d/3d and 6d/6d, neat cds for AU.16.83, first month of use of this label.
Rare combination of these surcharges. BPA cert. Superb! ..
SG Number: SG159
SG191 1884 Rare "Parcels Post" label, LOWER ROAD, London S. E with 3d. lilac.
Cancelled with unusual cork cancel, dated NO.25.84.  ..
SG Number: SG191
SG194 - 1884 6d. Dull Green (IK). “PARCEL POST” label used on a Registered package…
Sent from HALESWORTH cancelled by a superb SP. 17. 04. c.d.s. with a wonderful “R” in oval alongs..
SG Number: SG194
SG194 1884 6d. Dull Green, JS. Used on Parcel Post label for "21, Regent Street/ London, W. (RCO)".
Cancelled accordingly with crisp cds's. Very scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG194
SG194 1885 PARCELS POST - Woolwich with 6d dull green, neat cds for MY.18.85. Scarce early label.
SG Number: SG194
SG202 1896 Blue Notting Hill Parcel label with 3d. Jubilee cancelled on AU.4.96.
Violet Coach Rd. Bourne alongside.  ..
SG Number: SG202
SG205 1900 Parcel Post label with Jubilee 4d., plus 1d. lilac, Akerman Road, North Brixton.
Dated FE.7.00. Unusual cork type cancel. ..
SG Number: SG205
SG208 1896 Blue Chiswick Parcel Label with 6d. Jubilee used on OC.6.1896. Scarce.
SG Number: SG208
SG208 1896 Wigan Parcel label with Jubilee 6d. neatly cancelled on SP.7.1896.
SG Number: SG208
SG208 1901 Parcel Post label with 6d. Jubilee, Brompton Road, London. Nice "fancy" cork cancel.
Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG208
SG208 1901 Parcel Post label, 1d. lilac and 6d. Jubilee on LARBERT label (Scotland).
Unusual "thumb print" cancel, dated AU.12.01. ..
SG Number: SG208
SGO065  & O66 1887 1½d. Dull Purple and Pale Green and 6d. Purple on Rose-red. "GOVT. PARCELS".
Large "PARCEL POST" label address to "The Postmaster..." SITTINGBOURNE cancelled by GPO/DEPO1 dou..
SG Number: SGO65
SGO065  1887 1½d. Dull Purple and Pale Green. GOVT. PARCELS. Block of 4 and a pair used on parcel post.
'POSTAL STORES DEPARTMENT/ G.P.O LONDON' Parcel Post label along with 1d Lilac. Rare. ..
SG Number: SGO65
SGO066  1887 6d. Purple on Rose-red. GOVT. PARCELS.
Used on large "PARCEL POST" label cancelled by a LONDON parcel handstamp and used by the "Tilbury..
SG Number: SGO66
SGO068  1890 1s. Dull Green. GOVT. PARCELS.
Used on large "PARCEL POST" label sent from LONDON to LIVERPOOL cancelled 10. NOV. 97. Rarely see..
SG Number: SGO68
SGO3 1882 1d. Lilac IR Official, strip of 4 on Parcel Post label from Wethersfield, under Braintree.
Cancelled with boxed Coach Road Borne and Wethersfield cds's. Rare use of IR stamps on parcel lab..
SG Number: SGO3
SGO64 1883 1s. Orange Brown pl. 13 (MC). GOVT. PARCELS. Rare use.
Addressed to CAVENDISH SQUARE h/s PARCEL POST/ Leicester Sq. Depot. Dated 10 OCT 1888. The neares..
SG Number: SGO64
Plate No.: 13
SGO65 & SGO66 1896 POSTAL STORES DEPARTMENT. Parcel label with 6d & 1 1/2d GOVT PARCELS cancelled with London rollwe dated 24.MAR.1896.
Attractive and scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGO66
SGO65, SGO66 & SGO67 1887/ 90 OHMS Parcel Post label with GOVT. PARCELS o'pts adding up to 1/- 4 1/2d used in London.
Very scarce. (HC). ..
SG Number: SGO67
SGO66 1887/ 97 Parcel Post Label, London with 6d. Jubilee and 1d. Lilac, overprinted GOVT. PARCELS.
Addressed to Hythe, Kent. Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGO66