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SG318 1913 Parcel label, London to Hankow, China with Ed. 7th stamps & KGV 4d. & 1d., making 9/- 1d. with Hankow receiver.
Rare destination.  ..
SG Number: SG318
SG392var 1920 9d. Very deep agate, superb cds used on Parcel Post label, South Norwood.
11.Oct.20. Spec N29(4). Rare. Cat. £300. ..
SG Number: SG392var
SG405 1915 2s.6d. Deep Yellow-brown. D.L.R. "Sea Horse". Post label.
Vertical pair (fault on lower stamp) used on Tunbridge Wells Parcel Cancelled 6.DE.15. Very early..
SG Number: SG405
SG413a 1918 2s.6d. Olive-brown. Bradbury "Sea Horse". Used on "PARCEL POST" label of Leeds...
West "Street" (changed to Park) along with 1d. & 5d. Block Cypher. Cancelled by crisp West pa..
SG Number: SG413a
SG416 1931 Parcel Post label of Sawston, Cambridge with 9d., 1/- and BW 5/-. Attractive.
SG Number: SG416
SG417 1933 Large part Parcel Label from Jersey, dated 2.MY.33 with Bradbury Wilkinson Seahorses.
5/- x1 plus 4x 10/-,  2x 10d. and 2x 1/-'s. Quite spectacular!  ..
SG Number: SG417
SG452 1934 10s. Indigo. Re-engraved Seahorse Parcel Tag with three 10s on the front.
Single examples of the 2s.6d. (SG450), 10d. and 1s Photogravure issue on reverse, all cancelled b..
SG Number: SG452
SG452 1934 10s. Indigo. Re-enraved "Sea Horse".
Two blocks of four on parcel tag. London double ring cds's for 2. JA.39. ..
SG Number: SG452
SG452 1934 10s. Indigo. Re-enraved "Sea Horse".
Parcel tag with irregular block of five (one folded over), also 4d and 1s Photogravure. All cance..
SG Number: SG452