George V

1910 - 1936 A great philatelist himself, his reign saw the introduction of commemorative stamps in 1924. 

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"CANCELLED" - Plate Proofs.
Block of 12 of a design similar to the 1911 Type 21 but diagonal... most unusual...
1910 10d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour. Extremely attractive and very rare.
Bright blue-green on white wove paper, with ink manuscript note, "Green No.154". ..
1910 1s. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour. Second Proof.
"Ruby Black 160" on white wove paper without watermark and gum handstamped "SP/92". A very fine a..
1910 2d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour. Second Proof.
Magenta on white unwatermarked wove paper with gum inscribed "M.B./95" and "Magenta". Extremely a..
1910 3d. Black. Half Tone Essay. Large Format.
On white wove paper without watermark and gum - Produced using the "Printex" machine invented by ..
1910 3d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour.
Light Reddish Mauve on yellow wove paper with handstruck “W/93” in black and pencil note “Tyrian ..
1910 3d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour. Second Proof.
Light Red-brown on yellow tinted wove paper without watermark handstamped "W/19". A very fine and..
1910 3d. Hentschel Zinc Block Half Tone Essay.
Large Format Essay in black on gummed white paper with inverted Crown watermark. Creased at botto..
1911 ½d and 1d. Unofficial "paste-up" covers.
Full faced portrait of KGV pasted onto issued stamps and neither cover was rejected by the Post Offi..
1911 1/2d. Green. Post card. Very fine used. First Day of Issue and Coronation Day!
Sent locally in Redcar on JU.22.11.  ..
SG Number: SG321
1911 1d. Carmine Post Office Letter Card. “CANCELLED” Type 24.
Very fine and fresh example. ..
1911 1d. Unofficial "paste-up".
Envelope sent from CRYSTAL PALACE to LEWISHAM cancelled by the "IMPERIAL EXHIBITION" slogan for O..
1911 2/- Florin. An uncirculated examle showing the coinage head.
Excellent addition to a KGV collection. ..
1911 De La Rue 'Britannia' head. Interpaneau imperf pair.
Top stamp being KGV Downey Head, from the sheet of 48 where only twelve had the KGV head. Rare an..
1911 Harrison Coil trial showing Coat of Arms in deep red- brown. Ex booklet pane of 6. Scarce.
1911 Harrison Coil trial showing Coat of Arms in pale blue, violet and deep brown. Dummy.
Attractive, despite faults.  ..
1911 Hentschel Zinc Block Essay. 7d. “Grey” from ink “SP6”. Very fine – Cat. £900.
1911 JPS envelope to NY.USA with 1/2d Downey cancelled with the London machine cancel for JU.22.11.
The First day of the stamp and coronation day. ..
1911 KGV 1d. Carmine-pink. Perkins, Bacon Essay.
Imperforate on wove card using the Printex method. Super item - rarely seen. ..
1911 Minerva Head by De La Rue, superb unmounted with no shading around head.
1911 P.O.S.B Modified Head Proof in carmine.
On proof paper, dated 29.6.11 and inscribed 'C.C' - Crown Colonies - this was used by De La Rue f..
1911 Revenue. Post Office Savings Bank Receipt. 1s Brown and blue overprinted.
Overprinted CANCELLED, type 24 on paper watermarked crown. A fine u/m o.g example. ..
1911 SG338/ SG341 1/2d. scarlet and SG329 1d. green "Reversed Colours", colour trials on gummed wmkd paper
Cancelled, type 24, minor gum creasing but not significant in view of their uniqueness. To be lis..
SG Number: SG341
1911 ½d Unofficial “paste-up”.
Plain Post Card sent locally in EALING cancelled by a double ring c.d.s. for SP. 16. 11.  Th..
1911 ½d. Deep Carmine. Die Proof of the Accepted Design.
Uncleared surround and value tablet on glazed proof paper. Very fine and rare. ..
1911/ 12 Post Office Savings Bank 1/- blue and red-brown. Lightly mounted mint examples of the two heads.
Downy and profile heads. Fresh colours. Attractive. Revenues.. Cat. £550. ..
1911/12 POST OFFICE SAVING BANK. Die Proofs for the 1s. value… superb example of the Head & Duty Plates. Very rare.
1912 ½d. Bluish Green. Die Proof Colour Trial.
Taken from stage 5 Die, 2nd. State with open H. Gummed paper watermarked Crown upright. Rare Trial..
1912 1/2d. Deep green Royal Cypher "simple". Very fine, lightly mounted, ex booklet.
Spec N3(3). ..
SG Number: SG335
1912 1/2d. Die II. Die Proof Colour Trial. Taken from the stage 5 die, 1st state with solid H in HALFPENNY.
Printed in grey-brown on gummed, wove paper, watermarked Crown. Fantastic item, not recorded by S..
1912 1d. Carmine. Paper Trial. Plate 1a.
Printed on thick chalk surfaced paper without watermark. Fine unused o.g. (all stamps u/m) contro..
1912 1d. Die proof colour trial. Printed in Deep Scarlet on gummed paper, watermarked Multiple Cypher.
Unlisted SG (see P191). Super rarity.  ..
1912 1d. Scarlet. Die Proof - Colour Trial.
Printed on paper watermarked Multiple Crown and clearly showing plate wear... numbered "132" at l..
1912 Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. Ltd. Superb Publicity card, beautifully engraved in three colours. A rare survivor.
The three colour printing showing all the different printing they were involved with. A brilliant..
1912 Die 2 Crown wmk 1/2d Myrtle green.
A fine unmounted example with fresh colour. ..
SG Number: SG338var
1912 Die 2 Crown wmk 1d aniline scarlet.
A fine m/m marginal example of this scarce stamp. ..
SG Number: SG343
1912 KGV Profile Head Die Proof – Coinage Head Die Stage 1g.
Printed in Black on gummed paper watermarked Crown. Wonderful item and extremely rare. Ex. Graham..
1912 OHMS 1d. Carmine on buff, postal stationery envelope with "On the Official Business of the Board of Agriculture & Fisheries", numbered 53.
Very fine unused example of this rare envelope. H & B E063. ..
1912 Wilkinson Experimental Slot Machine. Cover to Catford with a neat impressed LONDON E.C/ POSTAGE PAID in magenta.
Red double ring cds for FE.14.12. Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG321
1912-24 Royal Cypher Watermark Bit. Single example mounted in a sunken card frame and inscribed “TYPE III”.
1912/22 1½d. Red-brown. Inverted WMK. 'I perf'
Lightly mounted and good perfs. Spec NB8a. ..
SG Number: SG420
1913 ½ Green KGV Downey used on Post Card of Loch Lomand.
Neatly cancelled by GK& Ardrishaig Packet - Columbia double ring cds for JY.25.13. ..
1913 Simple Cypher Watermark Paper.
Bottom marginal block of four showing 'POSTAGE' watermark and overprinted 'CANCELLED' type 24. Us..
1913 Telephone bill, 5s.11d. with SG306, SG366 & SG395
SG Number: SG395
1914 1d. Orange. Cheque/ receipt stamp irregularly used at Malvern on 15/2/14 and surcharged.
2d. Postage Due - 2 months before Postage Due labels came into use! Revenue.  ..
1914 Revenue. Consular Service.
1914 Telephone Bill with 14x SG395!
SG Number: SG395
1915 "Philatelically inspired" presentation sheet with Royal Cypher values to 1/- plus Seahorse 2/6d DLR.
All cancelled "Base Army Post Office" dated 31.AU.15. Despite a mild bend through the 2/6d, a cho..
1915 9d. Brown stamped to order, folded envelope, addressed to Edam, Holland.
With Reedham, Norfolk cds... presumably "philatelically inspired"! Unpriced Huggins (used). Stati..
1916 National Philatelic War Fund sheetlets x6, in aid of the Red Cross and St. John.
Well above average. Attractive. Dummy.  ..
1918 1½d. Brown Post Office Letter Card. “SPECIMEN” Type 26.
Very fine and fresh example. ..
1918 YMCA envelope, endorsed "O.A.S" from Sutton Veny Camp, Wiltshire to South Australia.
Dated 21.SP.18 - 1/2d. War seal "stamp" affixed to front, ex-booklet. Unusual and attractive. Dum..
1919 Parcel label from an Optician in Aberdeen. To Lieutenant in the BEF, Germany.
With 3x 3d. Violet, deep shade plus 2d. Orange cancelled with the Registered Aberdeen cds for 6.M..
SG Number: SG375
1919 “OH.M.S. - Prisoners of War” Envelope. The P.O.W. expunged…
sent from LYNDHURST to LONDON with 4d. National Health stamp accepted as postage – cancelled by 8..
1920 1/- Post Office Savings Branch. SPECIMEN type 26.
Fine mounted example ..
1920 6d. Grey National Health Insurance stamp, grossly misperforated, corner block of 6, quite spectacular and scarce.
1920 7d. Maroon National Health Insurance stamp, grossly misperforated corner block of 6.
Quite spectacular and scarce. Revenue.  ..
Containing several pages and a 1s. "coupon" tied by a neat ROSE HILL/LAMBERHEAD GREEN WIGAN c.d.s..
 Three superb used examples each tied to a strip of the perforated pull-out labels by NORTHE..
1920 KGV 1s. Blue and Brown - POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK.
Superb u/m o.g. top marginal of the Profile head design. SPECIMEN Type 26. ..
1920 KGV 1s. Blue and Brown - POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK. "CANCELLED" Type 24.
Very fine u/m o.g. example of this very rare stamp. ..
1920 Stampless envelope Registered from Buckingham Palace to Lewisham.
Red OFFICIAL PAID c.d.s for 2.JU.20 along with Buckingham Palace c.d.s at top right with KGV cach..
1920 – Royal Mint. Ex. Presentation Album. “POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK”
Head plate and Duty plate cut down Die Proofs overprinted “CANCELLED” in red… superb items – unli..
1922 1d. Pale Scarlet. S.House Experimental Printing. (very course impression)
Fine used example on postcard from Torquay, dated 27/08/25. Rarely seen used. Spec N17A.  ..
SG Number: SGN17A
1923 Mercury Airmail Essays, Imperf. on gummed paper. Part imprint, corner blocks of four. Unmounted.
Labels/ Dummy.  ..
1924 & 1925 British Empire Exhibition. Unused “set” of stationery Post Cards, envelopes and Letter Cards… eight items all fine and fresh.
1924 1½d. Brown. British Empire Exhibition. Postal Stationery Envelope – FIRST DAY ISSUE.
Addressed to BIRMINGHAM and cancelled by the Exhibition machine for APR. 23. 1924. No markings on..
1924 1½d. Brown. British Empire Exhibition. Postal Stationery Letter Card. FIRST DAY ISSUE.
Addressed to BEDFORD cancelled by the wavy line Exhibition machine for APR. 23. 1924. ..
1924 Block Cypher Watermark Paper. Lovely fresh block.
1924 British Empire Exhibition. PROOF Strike of the machine slogan cancellation… dated JAN. 31. 1924. without time plug. Rare item.
SG Number: SG430var
1924 Olympic Games - British Swimmers Olympic Fund booklet.
With seven panes of 6 and one of four. Numbered 1633. Rare and not seen before!!! Booklet.  ..
1924 Stationery. 1924 British Empire Exhibition 1 1/2d. Brown Post Card.
Addressed to Birmingham, cancelled by the slogan postmark and cds handstamp for APR.23.1924, the ..
1924 Stationery. British Empire Exhibition 1 1/2d. Brown Letter Card.
Addressed to Birmingham, cancelled by the slogan postmark and cds handstamp for APR.23.1924, the ..
1924 Stationery. British Empire Exhibition 1d. Red Post Card. Addressed to Birmingham.
Cancelled by the slogan postmark for APR.23.1924, the first day of the exhibition.  ..
1925 British Empire Exhibition. Black 1d. Telegram Form. Very fine example with the 1d. stamp affixed and message written in pencil.
Cancelled by the Exhibition double ring c.d.s. for 16. JUL. 1925. Very scarce.     ..
1925 British Empire Exhibition. Red Souvenir Telegram Form. Superb pristine mint example…
in red normally retained as a souvenir/receipt. Rarely seen in such outstanding quality.  ..
1927 Royal Mint – “OLD AGE PENSION ORDER” Die Proofs. Stunning group of fourteen proofs…
including Downey & Profile heads. Ex. Presentation album by the Royal Mint given to H. A. Ric..
1928 - 1950 Royal Mint. “British Museum Date Stamp” - Trial Die.
Ex. Presentation Album. Circular dated ‘Royal’ seal for the “BRITISH MUSEUM” and abbreviated mont..
1928 Royal Mint KGV Coat of Arms proof for an Imperial Coin Case.
Overprinted in red - 'CANCELLED' - from a Royal Mail presentation album given to H.A Richardson, ..
1929 Circular Delivery Company. Die Proof.
Reprinted composite proof for eight different cities in black on thick cartridge paper. Lovely fr..
1929 Postal Union Congress. A remarkable complete pane (control “A”) of 50 Registration labels numbered 651 – 700.
Superb u/m although some minor gum loss on the top two rows. Lovely fresh quality and very scarce..
1929 PUC 1/2d. Coil Leader, code W. Bottom end delivery with two stamps attached. Rare.
SG Number: SG434
1930/50 Proofs of the Royal Mint Coat of Arms
Illustrating the different printing methods on part pages from a Royal Mint presentation album. ..
1931 2d. Excise Revenue - Entertainment Tax.
Printed in Blue and Brown - very similar to the issued design but with tapering lines in the back..
1931 2d. Excise Revenue - Entertainment Tax.
Artist Essay in the issued design but the white and coloured parts reversed, mounted on a counter..
1931 2d. Excise Revenue - Entertainment Tax.
Printed in Red and Black - very similar to the issued design but with tapering lines in the backg..
1931 Royal Mint publicity label.
'VICTORY KIDDER PRINTING MACHINE CO.LTD' in cleared block of 12, overprinted CANCELLED in red. Ex..
1931 Royal Mint Trial Plate - Dummy stamp. Block of 12.
Overprinted in red 'CANCELLED'. Ex Royal Mint presentation album. ..
1933 Falklands Centenary £1, marginal example on Sibbering cover to Isle of Wight.
Dated 26.SP.33. A classic! Very choice.  ..
1933 Twentieth Philatelic Congress of Great Britain labels.
Severn corner examples, imperf. on gummed paper. Attractive. Labels/ Dummy. ..
1934 1/8d. blue Unemployment Insurance stamp, on parcel front from Manchester to Australia.
Curiously accepted for payment of postage. Revenue.  ..
1935 6d. Silver Jubilee. “BRITISH POSTAL ORDER” Complete with counterfoil - issuing office cancellation of EGHAM, SURREY for 4. JY. 35.
1935 Ireland 2/6d. Re-engraved with (R9/2) variety flat accent on "a". Used on Renouf cover.
Tied by the 1937, Dec. 29th, special Constitution Day Corcaigh machine cancel. Rare on cover. Ex ..
SG Number: SG450
1937 Cerebos salt advertising envelopes. Unusual.
Stationery. ..
1939 10/- Re-engraved 10/- x7, plus photo 4d & 2x 1/-'s on parcel post label, used from London dated 9.JA.39.
Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG452
1948 Olympic Games. 6d. Air Letter. An uncut "pair", positions 7 and 8 from the sheet of 8.
These being from the duplicate registration sheet, so just 4 pairs possible. Rare.  ..
1d. Red on deep buff. Military Postal Stationery. 'FIELD POST OFFICE/H.2'. FE.5.1915.
Reverse printed with selected phrases which could be deleted if in applicable or completed by insert..
c. 1911/ 12 KGV Colour Essays of HM in the uniform of the Admiral of the Fleet.
On thick, unwatermarked proof paper, imperforate. Attractive and most unusual. Dummy Stamps. ..
c. 1911/ 12 KGV Colour Essays of HM in the uniform of the Admiral of the fleet.
On thick, unwatermarked proof paper, imperforate. Superb in blocks of 4. Dummy Stamps.  ..
c. 1920 Bradbury Wilkinson + Co. Ltd Litho colour sample "No. 3" in pink on un-watermarked paper.
Showing various designs that could be printed. Unusual.  Colour Sample.  ..