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1904 London parcel post label, The Grove, W. Hammersmith with 2x 1/- plus 2d. neatly cancelled cds for 30.SP.04.
SG Number: SG257
1905 Horsham Parcel Post label with pair 1/-'s & 2d. Dec.11.05 cds's.
SG Number: SG257a
SG215 1904 Parcel Tag, Smyra to Switzerland with 1/2d. Blue green and 2 1/2d. Ultra marine.
Overprinted 40 Paras and cancelled British Post Office, Smyrna, July 14th 1904. Unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG215
SG219 1905 1d. Scarlet x 5 on Stoke St. Michael (under BATH) parcel label dated 4.OCT.05.
Very fine. ..
SG Number: SG219
SG219, SG225 & SG235 1902 Parcel Post label, Wigan, with DLR 1d., 2d., and 4d.
Dated AU.15.02. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG235
SG232b 1902 3d. Deep Purple on Orange-Yellow. D.L.R.
"PARCEL POST" label of DOVER cancelled by a crisp MR. 13. 11. c.d.s. ..
SG Number: SG232b
SG232b 1904 Ayr Parcel label with 3d. DLR, neat cds dated JA.11.04.
SG Number: SG232b
SG235 1903 Parcel Post label, North Beewick, dated MY.3.03 with pair 4d. DLR.
Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG235
SG235 1904 Parcel Post label, Regent Street, London, with 4d. DLR deep shade.
Dated AP.21.04. Attractive. Spec. M23(3).  ..
SG Number: SG235
SG236 1908 House of Commons Parcel Label.
With 4d. chalky tied by a roller cancel and dated NO.5.08 (Guy Fawkes Day!). A very rare label.&n..
SG Number: SG236
SG239 1909 4d. Brown orange superb cds example on Islington Parcel label.
Dated NO.29.09 - the month of issue. BPA Cert. ..
SG Number: SG239
SG244 1906 5d. Slate Purple and Ultramarine (C). D.L.R. Used on 'PARCEL POST' label of EAUDYKE. Most unusually with a manuscript cancellation.
Dated 21.NOV.10- cds alongside for the same date. Scarce. ..
SG Number: SG244
SG244 1910 Parcel tag, London to Vienna with 1/6d, paying postage. Perfined 3d. plus 3 x 5d.'s. Attractive.
SG Number: SG244
SG255var 1906 10d. Slate purple and deep (glossy) carmine. Superb cds used, crisp Sandwich cancel, for NO.26.06.
On Parcel Label with 1d. bright scarlet. Stunning use and must be the best used example known, of..
SG Number: SG255var
SG257a 1911 Chichester PPL with 3x 1/- plus 4d. orange, cancelled with Chichester P.P cds's.
(One 1/- damaged), making 3/4d. rate. Spectacular! Dated MR.13.11.  ..
SG Number: SG257a
SG260 1904 2s. 6d. slate purple on Parcel Label, Leeds to Zurich, dated 25.MR.04.
Leeds roller cancel.  ..
SG Number: SG260
SG261 1905 2s. 6d. Pale Dull Purple (C). D.L.R. Used on Leeds Parcel Post label tied by roller cancellation.
CDS alongside for JU.23.08. Very scarce to have high values on PP labels. ..
SG Number: SG261
SG261/ SG247 1906 Parcel Post label, London, Sydenham, with 2/6d & 6d neatly cancelled "Sydenham, nr. Station S.E".
Dated AP.4.06. Attractive and scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG247
SG262 1910 Rochdale Parcel Post label with 2/ 6d. Dull purple, chalky. Dated JA.5.10.
Scarce high value franking.  ..
SG Number: SG262
SG263 1904 London (Clapton) Parcel Post label with 5/- bright carmine, plus 2x 1/- and 6d, making 7/ 6d.
Dated MY.13.04. Scarce high value franking.  ..
SG Number: SG263
SG263 1904 London, Clapton, Parcel Post label with 5/- bright carmine, plus 9d. & 1/- making 6/ 9d.
Dated MY.13.04. Scarce high value franking.  ..
SG Number: SG263
SG286 1911 4d. Bright Orange. Harrison. P.15 x 14. Used on a fine “PARCEL POST” label of Llanover Road, Wembley…
 cancelled by a crisp c.d.s. for NO. 23. 12.   ..
SG Number: SG286
SG286 var 1911 4d. Very Deep Orange. Harrison. P.15 x 14.
Used on "PARCEL POST" label of WONERSH cancelled by a neat JY. 26. 12. c.d.s. Spec. M27(2). ..
SG Number: SG286
SG293var 1912 London Parcel label with 5d. Somerset with Maida Hill cds's JU.26.12.
Spec M30(4). ..
SG Number: SG293var