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1921 1d. Orange, cheque/ receipt stamps x2, used on local Newbury cover dated 8th March 1921.
Used during the period of 2d. letter rate. Allowed through the mail without surcharge! Revenue.&n..
Four Registered envelopes with various KGVI low value definitive combinations, each with a N.T.F. ch..
1951 Superb multi-set FDC. Four sets inc. Festival High Values on the same First Day Cover.
Dated 3rd May 1951. SG503/ 507, 509/ 512 and 513/ 514 ..
SG Number: SG514
1956 Underpaid commercial cover used locally in Walsall with 1d. Postage due.
Used on either the day before issue or on the day of issue - 7.6.56. A rare First Day Cover! ..
SG Number: SGD47
Official Paid Envelope. KEVIII Abdication.
Sent locally in LONDON cancelled by a c.d.s. for 23. DE. 36. with boxed “ERI/VIII” cachet at left..
Registered Stationery 5 1/2d. Brown. Kensal Rise to New York, dated 16.NO.45.
Uprated envelope with KGVI 1/2d., 3d., (x2) and 2s. 6d. Taxed by 10c. U.S on arrival.  ..
SG232c 1907 3d. Pale reddish purple/ orange yellow-back CHALK SURFACED PAPER.
A superb example with true colour on Registered Jury Summons notice used locally in Maidenhead. S..
SG Number: SG232
SG257a 1907 Registered/ Insured envelope, London to Bavaria with DLR 1/-, 6d and 2 1/2d. neatly cancelled with the "Hop Exchange" S.E cds for JY.2.07.
Scarce cancel. ..
SG Number: SG257a
SG462 1938 Manchester Grandstand cds's on 1/2d. on cover used locally.
Dated 1938. Very scarce postmark.  ..
SG Number: SG462
SG462 1942 1/2d. - 3d. on cover to USA from ADDIS ABEBA, 31.1.42. Superb.
SG Number: SG462
SG462/3 1937 ½d. Green and 1d. Scarlet - Dark Colours. FIRST DAY OF ISSUE.
Individual Crown embossed unaddressed covers cancelled by the previously unrecorded "WINDSOR CAST..
SG Number: SG462
SG462a 1938 1/2d. Green "P leader" with 4 stamps attached. Wmk sideways.
On "!Capt. Smye" cover from Tangier to Lee on Solent. Unusual! ..
SG Number: SG462a
SG463 1938 KGVI Coil leader, code X on "Capt. Smye" cover from Tangier to Lee-on-Solent.
Dated 28.Dec.38. Unusual and a tad "philatelic". Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG463
SG470 + SG475 1948 Registered Airmail cover from Tangier to USA with 6d. + 1/- tied by Registered British PO.
Oval O.A.T = onwards air transmission. Dated 13.MY.1948. Unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG470
SG476a 1942 2/6d. Yellow - green, on neat Registered cover. CRAWLEY 9th March 1942 the FIRST DAY OF ISSUE.
Attractive cat £1700. ..
SG Number: SG476a
SG476b 1941 2s. 6d. Yellow-green. First Day Issue.
Top left corner marginal on envelope sent from The Editor, The Stamp Magazine, LONDON to WASHINGT..
SG Number: SG476b
SG478b 1942 10/- Ultramarine First Day Cover from Waterfoot/ Rossendale, Lancs. Cansored Airmail cover to USA.
Neat cds cancels dated 30.NO.42. Attractive and rare.  ..
SG Number: SG478b
SG48 1870 ½d. Rose-red. 1938 Christmas Greetings Card.
Delightfully printed card depicting two ½d. Bantams – one “cancelled” by a Hearty Greetings c.d.s..
SG Number: SG48
SG493/4 1948 Royal Silver Wedding. FIRST DAY COVER.
The set of two on Registered FDC sent locally in PEEBLES cancelled by crisp c.d.s’s for 26. AP. 4..
SG Number: SG493/4
SG503 & 505 1954 ½d. Pale Orange (x2) and 1½d. Pale Green. Used to uprate 4d. Blue KGV stationery envelope to pay for Registration…
addressed to SHEFFIELD – re-directed to ROWSLEY. Dated 20. JNE. 51. Scarce combination.  ..
SG Number: SG503
SG509 1951 BMA ERITREA overprints on cover to 10s. plus Postage Due set.
Dated 26.7.51. Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG509
SG509/ 12 1951 Festival set of four on FIRST DAY COVER.
Very fine Stationary Registered envelope cancelled by GRAVESEND c.d.s's for 3.MY.51. Most attract..
SG Number: SG509
SG542 1955 1½. Green. Wmk. St. Edwards Crown. Underpaying a Printed Paper Rate envelope sent locally in SHEFFEILD.
Cancelled by machine for 5. JNE. 1956… handstamped “1D/TO PAY /700” in green and a 1d. Ultramarin..
SG Number: SG542
SG5811965 8d. Wilding bisected, cancelled by Bedford cds for 24th May 1965 with Head Postmaster label placed over the bisect...
requesting the cover be handed back to the P.O. charged PD 8d - unusual and rare. SGD56, SGD57 + ..
SG Number: SG581
SGD28 1951 Welsh Novelty card sent underpaid from Summit of Snowdon with 2 pairs of 1/2d pale orange.
Going to East Ardsley with 1d. due on arrival. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SGD28
SGD49 1956 Boots envelope, used in London, re-directed to Lambeth Rd. with 2d. Postage Due bisected, then cancelled.
Violet cancel, "Charge no collected". Dated June 1956 . Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGD49
SGD49 1956 Envelope from Hull with 1 12/d Tangier overprint. Only charged 1d. postage due, paid by a bisected 2d. due.
Neat Hull cds. Unusual.  ..
SG Number: SGD49